Animal Workflow

On this page we're going to follow through the sequence that an animal goes through in our yards when the race is used

In the sketch plan to the left
- the broad solid pieces are the permanent railed walls of the pens
- the wall on the south side is solid and 8 feet high topped with a roof which extends over the two pens on the south side and the race area in the centre
- the thin lines are gates with the arrow heads being at the moving/latch ends
- the grey rectangle in the race is the scale platform

the plan is not to scale nor is it in correct proportions north/south versus east/west

In this sequence you are starting out from the north eastern corner of the yards looking west across the two pens on the northern side

This shot is taken from the opposite end of the yards from the previous ones and the gates that divide the pens from each other are closed
The race can be seen along the left hand side of the shot
The angled gate on the left in the foreground provides access to the race feeder pen
We start work with up to 8 alpacas held in the nearer pen waiting to go into the race
Further animals can be held in the pen beyond awaiting their turn

Here the gate to the feeder pen is partly open
it's a 6 foot gate reaching into a pen that's about 9 feet across so its easy for the operator to select a single animal and guide it round the end into the feeder pen and close the gate behind

The alpaca is now in the small tapering feeder pen with the operator behind and can see a way out down the race

the operator can encourage the alpaca into the race .....

... and too late! the operator closes the gate behind so the alpaca is now closely confined
Whatever procedure is planned can now take place

We typically take two of us into the race at this time - one to gently hold the alpaca's head while the other does the necessary (injections, dosing etc)
for weighings we don't need anyone in there - just the alpaca

When all is done a side gate can be opened which gives the alpaca an escape route into the side pens on the left

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